Orchard Park Mall, Kelowna, BC

When your business is in a busy mall food court, experiencing a lot of downtime simply isn’t an option.

OPA! in Orchard Park Mall knew they wanted to modernize their look, without losing out on too much business. Due to our team’s extensive experience working in the mall, we understood what was required to complete the desired renovations on schedule. We also worked with the subcontractors to ensure they were aware of the planning required to work together in a tight space and complete the project within a tight deadline.

Thanks to the efficient work of our project manager, OPA! was able to open with a fresh new look on time and on budget.

When several contractors are working on a project together, it’s important to plan and coordinate amongst each other to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Our team has years of experience working with other subcontractors and would be happy to help with your construction needs.