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Location is a very important decision for most businesses. For Mr. Lube in Vancouver, moving to a better location required shutting down their existing location, uninstalling and transporting their systems and products, and re-installing them at the new location. This was a significant amount of work, and it all had to be done as quickly as possible to minimize downtime. 

On this project, we completed the decommissioning of the old space, opening of the new space and relocation and reconnection of all of the compressed air and oil systems. TKI Construction installed all of the required systems including the pumps, filters, oilers, stainless steel tubing and fittings in house. By the end of the project, over a thousand lineal feet of stainless steel tubing was installed. 

Despite starting a week late due to unforeseen issues in the new space, only having access to the old location for a limited amount of time, and the complicated design and set-up required in the new building, the project was a success - completed on time and to standard. 

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