Orchard Park Mall, Kelowna, BC

As a retailer that specializes in style, it’s important to have a retail space to match.

Bellissima’s new location in Orchard Park Mall required extensive and detailed renovations in order to reflect the brand’s stylish aesthetic. The plans for the new store called for flush recessed lighting to create a warm ambiance, however, the existing piping in the mall\s ceiling prevented the lights from being positioned as originally planned by the designer.

Our team worked with the owners and trades team to create an alternate lighting scheme that was attractive and retained the original concept.

Despite this hiccup, our team was able to complete the renovation on schedule, allowing Bellissima to maintain its opening date.

When it comes to construction, everything doesn’t always go as planned. This is why it’s important to hire an experienced team with the knowledge and drive to complete any project to a high standard, regardless of what issues may arise. If you need assistance with a construction project, we would be happy to help!