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Bobbie-Lee Dotschkat

Project Manager & Estimator

Bobbie-Lee began working for TKI while completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Building Engineering from Concordia University. She has worked for TKI for over five years and is excited for her future within the company.

Being involved in all aspects of TKI’s projects, Bobbie-Lee enjoys that her job enables her to bring projects to life. She appreciates working with a great team of people who are passionate about their work. With the help of her team, Bobbie-Lee enjoys coming up with creative solutions to resolve unexpected issues.

One of Bobbie-Lee’s favourite projects is Bananatag, where she was given the opportunity to make design choices and create a really cool space with the help of her team. However, Bobbie-Lee takes pride in looking back at all the projects she has been involved in, as each one is a stepping stone in her career.